Our Services

Providing integrated sea logistics and infrastructure solutions from port to port that includes: port management, barging, transhipment, stevedoring and shipment by ocean going (mother) vessel.
We tailored our services to fulfill our clients needs, and to bring out the optimal solution and value creation while holding up to our people and safety first culture.
With our real time tracking system technology we are able to provide real time updating to our clients.

World Class Services

We strive to deliver our world class services to all of our client around the globe. To ensure our fleets comply with the highest requirements, we regularly get our fleets certified to International standards.
We have RINA (Registro Italiano Navale) and BKI (Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia) class certifications on our fleets.



ABL has the capability to execute domestic and export dry bulk ship ments of any size. ABL is actively diversifying into chartering & operating of ocean going vessels for export shipments of coal and minerals. This step goes along with the Indonesian Ministry of Trade (MOT) Regulation No 82/2017 which is going to oblige coal exporters to use Indonesian Shipping Transportation company for freight with eect from Feb 2020.


To achieve an optimum productivity of our CTS, the seamless management of -dozers and other supporting equipments – or stevedoring in both barges as well as mother vessels during the cargo transshipment process, all played a very important role. We manage stevedoring activities in Muara Pantai area with a total volume of more than 10 million tons per annum.


Our transhipment services are supported by 7 Cargo
Transfer Ships (CTS). Our CTS are equipped with
double cranes, conveyor belts system with metal
detector, and chute that can handle up to 50.000 tonnes/day cargo transhippment. Total capacity per annum is more than 25 million tonnes. Since commencement of operation we have transhipped more than 100 million tonnes.


We manage more than 90 fleets of barges of sizes of 270ft and 300ft. Towed with 1800 -2400 HP tug boats that carry up to 8.000 tonnes/ fleet/trip. Our total capasity per annum is more than 55 million tonnes cargo transported.


Our ONSHORE INFRASTRUCTURE owned and operated by ABL Group and is located in Berau area, East Kalimantan. It is a coal processing plant facility to do blending for coal.  The facility currently dedicated to our largest customer, which is one of the top 5 coal producers in Indonesia.  One of the key benefits of this facility is that it can homogenously blend coal from multiple stockpiles to provide the required specification to the customer. The facility capacity to load coal from stockpile to barges approximately 7,000 tonnes per day.