ABL is a world class integrated logistics and infrastructure solutions provider founded in 2010 in Jakarta. It provides one stop and wide range logistics services such as:

  • Provision of Integrated logistics and transportation solutions for mining and commodities industry, including trans-shipment, barging and stevedoring.
  • Development of ship owning, logistics, shipping concepts
  • Logistics support with own and chartered fleet of vessels within Indonesia
  • Range of commercial services for traders of various commodities
  • Commercial charters against long term cargo contracts

In 12 years ABL group has transform it businesses to become integrated sea logistics and infrastructure solution by operates more than 100 vessels consisting 12 floating cranes, 5 mother vessels, more than 80 fleet of barging, 3 landing craft tanks, 2 accommodation barges, 11 tug assist and more than 15 units of heavy equipment. The number are expected to be increasing in upcoming years as its align with business development strategy

ABL trans-shipment and barging have grown since 2010 with a total volume trans-shipped until 2021 is more than 234 million tonnes. ABL started its operations with main focus as logistics provider with primary client of top tier coal mining producer in Indonesia. Since 2019, ABL has started to diversify not only in terms of geographical area of operation to Africa, but also at the same time diversify to bauxite, iron ore and manganese. In Indonesia, ABL has diversified its operation to nickel commodity. Going forward, ABL expands its business to green energy and renewables, and taps into another continents such as Australia and Europe.

ABL is concern and committed to implement excellent health and safety, therefore ABL is accredited and certified for its health and safety, such as ISM, ISPS Code and ISO 450001 of Certification of Occupational Health and Safety. All ABL vessels are RINA international class and some of them are dual class of Indonesia and International class. As ABL entering into international trading area, some of our vessels are under international flags.

ABL is actively looking to expand its business to infrastructure green energy/green shipping, renewables space and various aspects inorganically. ABL is also looking to have satellite offices around the world to manage its present and newly acquired businesses. ABL has good scope of increasing its market share in core businesses but is hungry to expand into other field of logistics and infrastructure. With access to funds and good management acumen, ABL is expecting to double its revenue with new acquisitions in various non-core businesses and thus grow into one of the World’s Largest Logistics and Infrastructure company through Mergers & Acquisition worldwide.

Our Achievements

Excellence & Reliable Operation

CTS/Floating Crane : 12
Tug & Barge : 62
OGV : 1
Heavy equipments : 15
Tug Assist: 11
LCT : 6

Focus on Expansion

Started Infrastructure & Port Management projects, Rail-freight & Ocean-Going Vessels

Diversified of Operational Continent

Asia Pacific and Africa

Diversified of Commodity Handled

Coal, Bauxite, Manganese and Nickel

Asset 2056

Stable Outlook

National long-term rating from KRI (A+)

Top Tier Transhipment Company

Market share in 2019: 12.8%

Our History

Investment history:


ABL purchase more than 15 units of heavy equipment​


ABL purchased 1 Panamax vessel (Bulk Batavia) with attached 10 years contract with fixed monthly charter rates and more than 1 million tonnes per year


ABL purchased 1 floating crane (Bulk Derawan) with attached 5 years contract with minimum guaranteed volume


ABL purchase 2 Panamax vessels (Bulk Nusantara and Bulk Halmahera) which are deployed for international trading area, 1 floating crane (Bulk Karimun) with attached 3 years contracts with minimum guaranteed volume and 1 tug assist (ABL Falcon)