Health, Safety, Environment and Quality

Safety is at the top of our agenda as a company. Safety of our people and our assets takes ultimate priority in any operational or risk management decision. We have standards and processes in place to help ensure that every employee, both on-shore and at sea, can operate in the safest work environment possible. Our Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) Policy is the company culture that we incorporate in all our work activities. To be the industry leader for safety, we have the highest standards in both processes and in practice. With the management as well as every individual’s commitment to safety, we ensure “Zero Harm” to people, environment, cargo and assets.

Safety at Sea

Onboard safety is enforced as a policy. Proper personal protective equipment (PPE) is provided on board. The Shipboard Management System (SMS) communicates, supervises and guides crew on safe work practices. ISM (Safety), ISPS (Security), MLC (Wellbeing) and other latest international standards implemented onboard the ships are monitored by a dedicated team of QHSE professionals through audits and drills.

Safety on Shore

Onshore safety is taken as seriously as onboard safety. All staff are provided with in-house safety and security related training. The highest and latest International standards of ISO 45001 are met by the trained, qualified and aware staff ashore.

During the Covid-19 pandemic (2020 until now), we create an emergency response team to prevent the virus. We also created a guide for our crew to handle and to deal with the pandemic situation.

What we did when Covid-19 was spreading in Indonesia

Our Employee and Our Partner

Creating an Emergency Response Team, provide emergency line of communication

Daily checking the body temperature with a thermo gun

Providing face masks

Providing hand sanitizer

Disinfectant spray at our site office and our head office area

Becoming the center of information hub through digital signage, email blast and Whatsapp groups that educate employee on Covid-19 prevention

Socializing and providing N95 and OSM masks to our CTS Operations area

Disinfectant spray on our own and partner's fleets (CTS, tug & barge, and Panamax)

Helping employee to work from home easily through digital platform (SAP Fiori, e-Sign, Zoom Call & Perf Mgmt System)

Improving a safe employee mobility through a subsidized private transport and wifi access based on the urgency level

Document delivery service to support the office activity

Give our employee 24-hour telemedicine support (Company doctor dan nurse)

Provide food supplies, medicines, portable oxygen, face mask, oximeter, and guidance to our employee and their family to deal with Covid-19

Inform our employees the nearest hospital/medical facilities on the site and head office

Booster Vaccination

Second Dose Vaccination