Financial Update

A- Rating from Kredit
Rating Indonesia

In 2020, ABL obtained A- rating with stable outlook from Kredit Rating Indonesia.

The rating reflects ABL’s scale in coal transshipment service, robust business model, and moderate leverage level.

Revenue mix from existing and new business portfolio create diversity in ABL business model aligned with its mission to be a world class integrated sea logistics and infrastructure solutions provider.

ABL generates strong EBITDA from its contracted revenue which translates into strong cashflow.

ABL’s credit metrics, with leverage, as measured by funds from operation to adjusted debt are solid for its rating.

USD 103,8 Million Loan

ABL secured additional loan facility of USD 26,3 million on top of the existing USD 77,5 million from one of the biggest Indonesian state-owned bank in 2020.

It shows financial market confidence of ABL strong capability in expanding the business and diversifying into integrated sea logistics and infrastructure.

With this facility, ABL will acquire 1 mother vessel and 1 transshipment vessel that expected to be acquired in 2020 and 2021.