We are proud and pleased to announce our exciting company journey!

Our company has achieved some milestones with the development of new businesses. Established in 2010, we had a transshipment business with 4 Cargo Transfer Ships. Moving forward, we added our sea logistics business with mother vessels and barging businesses, expanding to infrastructure business with port management. Furthermore, we have grown our business from the Indonesian operation base to West Africa. Currently, we are managing more than 12 Cargo Transfer Ships / Floating Cranes, 5 mother vessels, and more than 100 fleets of barging.

In line with the company’s rapid growth and vision and mission to become a world-class company, on 16 December 2022, we signed a Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA) to acquire One Rail Australia from Aurizon Holdings Limited. One Rail Australia – also known as East Coast Rail (ECR) – is the 3rd largest rail bulk haulage company in Australia.

The acquisition of One Rail Australia would be done through the Magnetic Rail Group Pty Ltd (Magnetic) – a joint venture between M Infrastructure Group Pty Ltd, Australia, and our Company, PT. Asian Bulk Logistics (ABL).

One Rail Australia was established in 1997, operating over 50 locomotives and nearly 1,500 wagons in New South Wales and Queensland, transporting more than 50 million tons per annum of cargo to the ports and other destination points. The new South Wales business provides a profound financial performance backed up with long terms contracts, whilst the Queensland operation has started since 2011, with lots of business potential growth in the future.

With this acquisition, PT. Asian Bulk Logistics (ABL) will not only diversify from sea logistics and infrastructure to ground/land logistics business but will surely put a landmark of our business into the Australian continent following the expansion of West Africa.

We certainly will not stop here to continue expanding our business. Again, thank you for your trust and support; we believe this new journey will positively impact us all.

Best regards,
The Management